Cloud Accounting


You joined an organization or started a business to pursue your passion with gusto. Soon, however, you were introduced to a necessary evil: Bookkeeping. 

All organizations and businesses are required to keep books in order to manage their finances and financial transactions. But how do you get back to what you do best without sacraficing financial common sense?

As part of our Business Solutions, Nia Interactive is proud to offer a Cloud based accounting software that requires no download and no installation, along with a comprehensive bookkeeping service.

Whether you are a non-profit organization, an e-commerce store, a traditional brick & mortar or a hybrid, maintaining your financial records on a cloud-based program simply makes sense. On redundant and secure servers, you'll have real-time access to all your records and documents and will never lose data if your software package updates or your computer crashes. 

The cloud is simply more flexible and efficient than software tied to a single computer. Tired to chasing down reciepts and other paperwork form staff? Download our smartphone app and then just take a picture of your receipt. It automatically uploads to your account- a full paper trail without the paper.

You can create invoices and pay bills right from your account. We even offer ful payroll services in groups of 10 employees for rock bottom prices (in a limited number of states).

Best of all, because your transactions are on the cloud, you don't have to break up with your accountant. Just give them access to the account and they can complete your quartely or annual taxes- and you don't have to worry about your program compatibility, because the software is on the cloud.

These efficiencies allow us to save you money. Call us today for rates. 




GAAP Compliant

Reliable, redundant, backed up daily, secure and GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Practices) Compliant. Everything you expect and demand from a cloud based accounting system.

Attach Files

Sick of keeping paperwork? Now you can simply upload and attach your files to their respective transactions. That's all of the supporting documents with none of the paper cuts.


Mobile Access

Access your account data on the go and in real time. Check balances, create invoices and even pay bills. With our mobile app, you can always be in touch with your finances.

Upload Receipts

Never stash receipts again. Instead, take a picture of the receipt from your smart phone and our app quickly, automatically and securely uploads the receipt to your account ready to be reconciled. Game changed.



With our enhanced package, you can create and send invoices directly from your account. Best of all, invoices can be integrated with payment processing to allow online payments.

Pay Bills

With our enhanced package, you can schedule and pay bills directly from your account, including your mobile device. Utilities, rent, contractors or any other type of payment, sent from your account and integrated with your accounting system.


Financial Reports

Receive professionally prepared monthly reports providing a snapshot of your organization's financial health. Profit and Loss and Balance Sheets are standard with your bookkeeping package.


Our Payroll Plus package gives you up to ten (10) employees on payroll for one low monthly rate. Payroll is withdrawn from your account electronically, and direct deposited to employees, state, unemployment and federal tax offices.