Online Fundraising



Online fundraising is the fastest growing revenue stream for non-profits today.  So the question is: Has your organization created an online fundraising strategy?

If your answer is no, that’s what Nia Interactive is here for.  We help organizations develop easy-to-implement, online fundraising plans which minimize out-of-pocket expenses and maximize supporter contributions.  We will create, deliver and implement your plan so you can focus on the core mission of your non-profit organization.

Give us your fundraising ideas, and we will harness the power of the internet by creating your social media presence and creating and/or upgrading your website.

Using these technologies will allow you to spread your message and mission to new masses of supporters and turn them into donors in no time.  We’ll set up your platform so that you can accept contributions directly from your website. 

The goal of a fundraiser is to bring in more money than you invested in it, and that’s exactly what we aim to do for you.

What are you waiting for?  Start your online fundraising campaign NOW!

Start Your Online Fundraising Campaign NOW