Website Development

Whether a simple brochure site or a complex database driven web presence with thousands of pages and dozens of functions and e-commerce capabilities, Nia Interactive's NiaCMS can establish or upgrade your web presence and deliver the website that your organization deserves.

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Social Media Integration

Having a website is necessary, but no longer sufficient. Connecting your primary web presence with the other places on the internet where people hang out- like Facebook and Twitter- is an absolute prerequisite to internet success.

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Website Hosting

Hosting is your virtual location on the internet, much like an office or store space. But this is not a high rent district, just solid, dependable hosting at reasonable rates. Our hosting includes multiple domains, email addresses, plenty of space and, best of all, is certified carbon offset Green Hosting.

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Client Relationship Management (CRM)

What is your system for tracking projects, tasks and interactions with prospects and existing cients or constituents? Nia Interactive customizes the powerful SugarCRM to meet your relationship management needs at a price your organization can afford.

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Cloud Computing

Computers, laptops, tables, smartphones and the internet. Face it: the cloud is the computer. If your software and services keep you tethered to your desktop, find out more about cloud-based solutions offered by Nia Interactive.

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Cloud Bookkeeping

Does your bookkeeping require manual entry of each transaction and handing over a thumb drive- with your precious data- to an off site bookkeeper or accountant? Join the cloud with automated transaction downloads from your bank account from a GAAP compliant real time cloud based accounting system.

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Payment Processing

Nia Interactive offers safe and secure payment processing for product sales, services, subscriptions and even donations. Accept major credit cards with no monthly maintenance fee and automatic electronic deposits into your bank account. 

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Getting your website and social media developed is the first step, but what is the point of it all if the search engines cannot find your site? Nia Interactive helps maximize your internet presence with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) getting you highly- and appropriately- ranked in those all important search results.

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Tech Solutions

Find yourself constantly trying to learn the newest technologies? Remain focused on your core mission and allow Nia Interactive to identify and solve your tech related problems. From finding appropriate software to custom developing applications to meet your needs, Nia Interactive is your one stop tech firm.

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