Technology Solutions


Nia Interactive custom engineers Technology Solutions for you and your organization or small business. 

In addition to a world class Content Management System, Nia Interactive specializes in providing top notch technology solutions to address the challenges faced by today's non-profit organizations. Our solutions include:


Website Development. Don't spend precious time trying to plan, develop and build your own website. Focus energies on meeting your core organizational mission and leave the website development to Nia Interactive. NiaCMS is built on the award winning CMS Made Simple platform, although we also use Joomla and Wordpress as needs, and client wishes, dictate. We will develop your organization's professional website at a rate that meets your budget, informs your funders and wows your supporters.


Website Maintenance. While the NiaCMS makes it easy for small organizations to maintain their own websites, some prefer to hand that task over to another entity. Website development and maintenance is handled by Nia Interactive, which will maintain your site, from adding functionality to simple data entry, whenever you need. Other website maintenance services include:


  • Website hosting and domain registration. In addition to developing your site, Nia Interactive can register your domain name ( and provide hosting- the rent paid for your space on the internet. Hosting includes virtually unlimited disk space, email addresses ( and a host of other features. With these services, we offer a turnkey solution to your web presence.


  • Social Media Integration. In today's society, a fully functional website is absolutely necessary, but also wholly insufficient. The development of social media arms are critical to an organization's identity. Equally as important is the integration of third party social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, with the primary web presence. Nia Interactive can make this happen for your organization.


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Having a website is one thing. Having potential supporters find your website is something else. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or enabling your website to show up on the first page of search engine query results, is part art, but mainly science. Nia Interactive can help your organization master that science and maximize your web presence.


Cloud Services. Nia Interactive provide cloud services for non-profit organizations. Everything from shared folders to cloud based email and software applications to computer and network backups, we can solve your IT problems on the cloud. In addition, NiaCloud offers small to mid size organizations the ultimate in networking with entirely cloud based operating systems, allowing you to log into your own computer from anywhere with an internet connection. It's like always having access to your office and the shared server. Ideal for those who travel often and small teams who work out of different offices, cities or countries.


Payment Processing. Accept payments online with Nia Interactive's new NiaPay product catalog, shopping cart and payment processing application. The service plugs directly into websites for non-profit organizations and for profit companies, allowing organizations to accept donations and companies to sell their products, all without the hassles of learning code and with some of the best processing fees in the industry.


Customized Technology Solutions for Non-Profits. Non profit organizations face unique challenges, many of which can be addressed or mitigated with the proper implementation of technology solutions. From eletronic book keeping automatically synching with your bank account to project management and membership lists, Nia Interactive can assess your organizational needs and match you up with the appropriate technology solutions.