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Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms are extremely important to your organization’s online presence, but the reality is that online fundraising is centered around your organization’s official website.  While social media will help get your brand and message out there to the public, the public needs somewhere to go to fully understand your mission and contribute their funds if they believe in it.

We can offer you the best in this essential website development.  NiaCMS is a premier Content Management System (CMS) which delivers custom designed websites specifically made for not-for-profit organizations.

NaCMS will help your organization effectively manage internet content and spread the message of your mission with supporters, funders, members, and the general public who may not know you yet.  With a broad range of features, NiaCMS will provide your organization with a professional website with optimal functionality at a reasonable and ultimately profitable price.  Your website will be fully integrated with your social media presence, creating a cloud of online activity centered on your mission.

Built on the powerful CMS Made Simple platform, NiaCMS delivers your web presence quickly, easily and professionally.  You can present your projects, services and campaigns and even manage the organizational aspects of your business online.  We’ll provide domain name registration, website hosting and email accounts. 

We’ll also help you organize your social media presence in order to bring your message out to the general public.  By tapping into the spaces where people are getting their information, you will bring in new supporters who may have never known about your cause before.  Optimizing your online social network is absolutely essential in order to spread your message and reach new masses of supporters.

Best of all, your professional website will attract individual donors and garner respect and credibility from potential funders.  This new website will help you raise the money your need to make your organization effective.

Now, more than ever, cultivating your non-profit organization’s internet presence through a robust and simple-to-use platform is an integral part of building an online brand.  Contact us and discover the power of NiaCMS.

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