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Movement Centered

We cater to organizations in the
social justice movement


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More than just websites and databases
we provide tech solutions to your organizing problems


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After collaborating on your vision
we do the work and deliver to you a finished product

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A Tech Firm with Purpose

Nia Interactive is a socially-conscious, black-owned tech firm catering to non-profit and mission driven organizations.

Our purpose is to apply technology solutions to social justice problems confronting organizations that deliver services, develop leadership and build movements that will transform this world. 

In 2000, South Florida was home to a growing social movement in need of easy to use technology solutions, such as organizing templates, promotional materials, websites and a system to track our work. Nia Interactive emerged from that movement with insights into the needs of those movements. We are committed to the advancement of economic, racial, sexual, gender and environmental justice and support organizations that share those commitments.

Nia Interactive doesn't just serve the Movement. We are a part of the Movement.

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Nia Interactive


Website Development

Website Development

Organizations and small Black businesses have particular needs that are not always met by off-the-shelf commercial products.

Nia Interactive specializes in the deployment of technology customized to meet the specific of organizations and small businesses.

In addition to developing your website, we can maintain it, integrate it with your social media and convert it into a fully functional app.

Organizing Systems

Organizing Systems

Are you struggling to track members, partners or customers? Do you know when dues are due or when payments have been paid? Are you communicating efficiently with your audience and managing tasks associated with services, programs or projects?

Nia Interactive customizes a series of organizational systems to meet the specific needs of your organization, including contacts with members and managing projects or tasks.

We can deploy a broad range of digital services at your disposal, including email lists, online bookkeeping, invoicing and file storage and management.

SEO Marketing

SEO Marketing

Having a website is necessary, but no longer sufficient. Connecting your primary web presence with the other places on the internet where people hang out- like Facebook and Twitter- is an absolute prerequisite engaging your audience.

Nia Interactive can help your organization establish and maintain your social media presence and integrate that presence into your website.

We also help organizations and businesses maximize their online presence with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) setup and maintenance.

Virtual Office

Virtual Office

During these unusual times organizations are being forced to re-tool and re-organize into virtual spaces, while maintaining continuity and efficiency.

Nia Interactive can set up your virtual office with document sharing, calendars, project management and so much more, all in a virtual office setting

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

As part of our Virtual Office package, Nia Interactive also offers video conferencing services.

Video Conferencing services can take place on a shared platform or as a private custom installation on your own organizational VPS.

Video Conferencing includes a broad range of options, all in a secure environment.

Applying Technology with Purpose